A New Year?

Thoughts from the dark...

January 30, 2015 | Posted By: | Thoughts |

The end of January; I’m glad the darkness is receding. It’s been a hard month for some of my loved ones and I know February will be tough. The skies are heavy, low and overbearing with a grey that feels as if it will dampen all around.

I started writing this at Midwinter which I find is an interesting time of the year. The darkness and bitter cold is all around. We light candles and draw in positivity to keep us warm in the dark days to come. Whether you are a pagan celebrating the winter solstice or a Christian focusing on Jesus’ birth or a Hindu with Diwali, you are remembering the light, you are keeping the darkness at bay. This last year we have been lulled into a false sense of security with the mild balmy October so the cold is biting all the harder now. I don’t have a fire to ward off the beasts that edge around the shadows, but I do have a spark within and I must keep the host alight.

Winter had just begun when I brought my thoughts to this. Christmas is a time to gather, collect and hold those things and people that are dear to us close. New Year is, I always feel, false start for me. It never feels like New Year, it lulls us into a false sense of positivity and warmth, when really we need to be safe, watchful and keep the flame alight that Christmas and the solstice fired up. New Year isn’t ready to happen until March, there is too much cold to come, whereas March seems like the true new beginning, New Year, new season, Spring.

I do feel it coming. I know there is darkness and cold to contend with still, but I have felt the first stirrings of the new beginnings. I have seen the first daffodils for sale, the first brave snowdrops and the air has held the song of the birds sounding out a new tune. So let us remember that the darkness can be held at bay and let us keep warm and be ready for all to come.