A Woman’s Tale

May 8, 2014 | Posted By: | Thoughts · Work |

A universal story of mankind is one that touches you no matter your gender or background. This is why Shakespeare is still relevant. I was never really interested in gender specifics, the characters I wanted to play were the ones that dealt with ‘big’ issues and they were often male, especially when you look at Shakespeare. I didn’t think it fair that men got those juicy parts; I wanted to explore those feelings, ideas and the language that unlocked that aspect of humanity. My first dissertation was on that subject, ‘Jobs for the Boys’. There are some fantastic roles for women, that do explore the depth and contours of life, but lots of them are caught in the gender trap of what women only go through, not humans, and many of them are stuck in an age specific ‘before forty’.

The old saying (who’s or where it came from I know not), ‘life begins at forty’, misses out the aspect of performing arts. There has been much talked about regarding older women in front of the camera, or rather the lack of them, but there is also the fact that characters from fiction and drama are often missing, unless you want to support. I seem to be encountering lots of material that is getting me to question and think about these issues; from Juno Theatre, Jude Kelly’s key speech at WOW, articles and discussions.

However, what is becoming apparent is that I need to do something- it’s all very well awakening, realising and discussing things, but action changes things.