Sweet Tooth – A book club choice

March 7, 2013 | Posted By: | Reviews |

Ian McEwan Sweet Tooth:

Coming back to a book gives you a different perspective on the story, narrative and ideas. My first reading of this book was very different to my second and perhaps also because it became a book club choice. I relished the fact that it was an Ian McEwan book that I enjoyed – the last few have left me cold. It was on first reading from a woman’s perspective, exploring identity what the self is and how perceptions are made, on second reading the knowledge of the end of the story coloured my view of the characters and viewpoints – it wasn’t as gripping, it wasn’t as engaging and I skipped many pages, especially the included short stories of the imagined author. But it was the group’s comments and an article one of them kindly showed us by McEwan that stayed with me. Why did I like him as a writer? He is apparently a ‘man’s writer’ – never really thought of that before and in his article he talks of the ‘god’ of inspiration – no female muse or white goddess here and now I am left questioning why I took to his early work – was it because my boyfriend at the time tried to shape me and directed some of my reading, maybe this was why I could connect to Serena? As always with book club I was left with many questions, little sleep and the desire to read more… As for Sweet Tooth, well I enjoyed it – first readings are always the most telling; I liked slipping into its world, ideas, glimpses of history, questions about the constructed self and McEwan is a masterful writer, he constructs a sentence in a way that makes you bow to his writing ability.