May 30, 2013 | Posted By: | Thoughts |

Stories – where do they come from? Why are they so important? An archaic need to connect, explain, explore and indulge. Being lost in a story, drawn into its atmosphere, that almost blocks all else out is indulgent, so stimulating and wonderful, that one savours it like good wine, fine food, deep whisky and the scent of a palpable moment. Being drawn into a good tale is intoxicating, it surrounds and encompasses you – hence the fans and followers of certain ones; it can become part of your life….

I love being taken by a story. I become quite hard to reach. I have just gone through a ‘book-affair’ and still feel the thrill of new perspectives. I needed it, I needed a new outlook to totally consume me after finally publishing. But now I want to be taken once more by my own tales, my own stories and now ‘The Dark Point’ has been released a gate has opened. It is almost as if I needed a fling with another vision, a holiday for my mind’s eye and now I can progress. Its working, both ‘Death of a Star’ and ‘E.I’ are shaping up…..

Stories, I can’t live without them….but who can….