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On Collaboration

Myths, stories, and landscapes seep into all the creative work I do. There are stories all around us and how we access our own and other’s is vital to sustaining the human way. I find inspiration from the tales and places of old and whether I am creating theatre, drama, storytelling or prose this archaic connection comes to light.

The beauty of theatre is its ensemble nature; you work with others to bring a vision to life. That vision becomes vivid and has a depth that collaboration necessitates. When I create alone, I sometimes miss others input and so I belong to critique groups and communities of writers, these spreading roots help support my work.  That collaboration brings more to the cauldron of creative conception for me. 

In the 2023 NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) conference I am trying to shed light on what I do. The impact and the legacy of creating with others for Creating Community Narratives Through Exploring Individual and Collective Stories’ is an interactive workshop discovering how writing can bring a community together with reference to Writing with Young People and Intergenerational work- their lives, their landscape, and their stories. My workshop will investigate creating community narratives through discovering and developing stories. Participants will explore story creation and discuss the impact on community, identity, and wellbeing. Transferable prompts will be used and given, examples from successful projects, including the first performance of a collective school and community play at Stonehenge, and intergenerational creation at Corsham StoryTown will be investigated. This will sit with how creating with others supports and inspires a writer’s own work.

For 45 minutes I will discuss what I do, how it affects others and the ramifications on my own work. Why? What’s the point? It is hopefully to inspire and shine a light on work that has been created for and with others and that has supported community, individuals, and me. As an artist this is how I work and hopefully the dialogue will continue after the workshop ends and more roots will be set down. Collaboration and knowing you are not alone, but share is part of what Story is. I hope some of you may be able to come along. There are some wonderful talks and workshops. Below you will find links to the Programme and to the NAWE website to learn more about what they represent and do:

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