A Girls own story…

May 1, 2014 | Posted By: | Thoughts |

I recently read an article on the BBC website about the lack of female driven drama, it was saying that this was a surprise post ‘Buffy’ and a huge surprise due to the success of that show – I confess I never watched ‘Buffy’ when it came to our screens, odd really as I love vampyre stories, but at the time I loved ‘Ultraviolet’, anyway I digress – again! So I have started watching it for the first time and yes it is good. However, the article and now watching it has left me questioning this aspect of female driven drama, and not just the token woman, as even lead females of so many films and dramas are often on their own and this misses a group of defined females, it shouldn’t just be their proximity to men, but for stories sake.

As a writer and theatre practitioner who has joined an all-female theatre company I am particularly interested in asking what are these stories? Do they have to be issue led, or can they be the mythic constructs that abide in all good tales that connect to us all and transcend time? I think both, but I feel I am a writer of the latter and ultimately that’s what I like to watch, read, direct and act. So do we just write them and hope? Yes and use the pathways that are out there to get them noticed, and of course find the stories, explore the characters we want to engage with, who also happen to be women. I guess I’m taking things more seriously, focusing more. Let’s see if I can put thought into practice and in the meantime I am enjoying ‘Buffy’, but also more ‘grown-up’ work like ‘The Bridge’, which also has strong females.